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The Consumer Federation has been involved in the preparation of various types of reports, as well as summaries. Also the ranking of loan companies providing the lowest interest rate payday is very important for borrowers. In the end, thanks to this information, we find out where it is most profitable to take a break.

Loan company Borrowed amount Commission APRC Amount to be repaid
hypocredit 3000 PLN PLN 0 0% 3000 PLN
SertCredit PLN 1,500 PLN 0 0% PLN 1,500
Dugah PLN 1,500 PLN 0 0% PLN 1,500
HayetCredit PLN 1,500 PLN 0 0% PLN 1,500
Gunrum PLN 2,000 PLN 0 0% PLN 2,000
MetLoan PLN 2,000 PLN 0 0% PLN 2,000
Fyong 1000 PLN PLN 10 0% PLN 1010

However, if we are interested in taking a payday for 30 days in the amount of PLN 1,000, then we should expect completely different financial results in individual loan companies. Namely, the largest commission is charged at Dongga, while hypocredit will take the least from us. The company SertCredit is in second place in terms of commission amount. However, other companies remain at a similar level.

The Best Payday Loans on the Financial Market in Poland

The next statement concerned the situation of borrowing also for 1000 zlotys with a repayment period of 30 days. But at the same time, we are examining the situation when a customer in each company decides to extend the repayment period by an additional 90 days. In such a situation, interest is added to some loan companies, such as Globe Loan, Senrun or SinDirect. Dongga is the least advantageous in this combination again. Because after almost 4 months, the customer, borrowing PLN 1,000, will eventually have to pay over PLN 2,500.

As for the lowest commission, hypocredit wins again. The cost of debt will increase to approximately the sum of 1700 zlotys. We will have to pay more than PLN 2,000 to Globe Loan, Senrun, Easy Credit, SinDirect, MetLoan, Express Cash, Dufin, Selleum, and Eicredit and BiggerLoan.

It is also worth to put yourself in a situation when you do not pay the loan on time. And in addition, we are late with paying the debt for the next 30 days. We will pay the most for Senrun. With a loan of PLN 1000, for another month of delay without submitting any applications, we will have to pay almost PLN 1,800. In this also Senrun company has the highest costs of reminder for payment. The other such company, which will sum up the client for very high costs, is SinDirect. There, we will pay over 1600 zlotys for a month of delay.

The most advantageous price in this ranking is again hypocredit, as well as SertCredit. With both lenders, our loan, despite the monthly delay, will amount to around PLN 1,200.

Financial situations are really very different. That is why some clients, despite having a small loan, have a problem with repayment. That is why it is worth following the costs of the loan, in the situation of a three-fold repayment date, as well as delays in repayment for the next month.

I do not think it will be a surprise for anyone, if we find out that the most loan will cost us at Dongga. After such procedures, we will have to pay almost PLN 2,800. Let’s not forget that we borrowed only 1000 zlotys. Senrun and MetLoan are the next companies that, unfortunately, have very high rates. Here, the sum of debt will increase to approximately PLN 2,700.

The cheapest thing will be the combination in SertCredit and hypocredit. In these two loan companies, at the very end, we will have to pay from 1800 to 1900 zlotys.

Such combinations show different possible scenarios that clients actually face. However, this is also a very good example of the fact that the amount of debt does not increase by itself. If it were not for extending the repayment period, as well as escaping the settlement of the debt, then the value of the loan to be paid at the very end would certainly not be too high.

So before we decide to take a minute, let’s take into account if we are able to repay the loan on time. And if there is at least a shadow of the likelihood that we may be late, let’s get to know additional costs.

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Why are Payday Loans so Popular? Wed, 27 Mar 2019 03:16:05 +0000 From year to year, interest in financial products of loan companies is increasing. The popularity of loans, commonly called retentions, increases especially during the holidays, holidays or communion season. For what reasons do Poles choose non-bank institutions instead of banking products? What is a payday? Who is it for and what are the benefits of choosing a loan without Retrodatabase? See

If you do not know the term online reminder, you probably have never dealt with it before. By definition, a short-term payment is a short-term loan repayment that does not exceed PLN 5,000 and usually a repayment period between 30 and 60 days. Of course, the market is also prospering entities that offer low payday amounts with the possibility of spreading into installments, but these are single loan companies. Another indicator of payday loans is their simplified awarding procedures.

An online loan is a form of financial support without security for people with little or no income. In addition, all procedures related to applying for money have been reduced to the minimum necessary. At the moment, we can apply for an instant loan without leaving home, and the only document required is in most cases an ID card.

When applying for a loan through one of the websites, it is necessary to submit an application and create a customer profile. Then, we choose the amount of the loan we are interested in and the repayment date. After verification of your identity by means of a bank transfer, an account is created in the system.

The next steps depend on the loan company itself, which makes a loan decision. At the time you receive the permission to provide online payday loans, the money is sent within one business day. Interestingly, indebted persons can also apply for loans without Retrodatabase. Well, many loan companies operating on the market do not check the credit history of the client. Thus, people with financial problems can also take advantage of another financial product of one of the loan companies.

For what reasons have online loans become such a desirable financial product on the market? Under the aforementioned business model, it turns out to be extremely profitable. I am talking primarily about the budget with the possibility of modifications, low exposure, short-term nature of the loan, which is the most important pluses for lenders. On the other hand, the growing demand for loans of this type should be taken into account. Many Poles live from one payment to the next.

Why do Poles choose spending time?

Why do Poles choose spending time?

The popularity of payday loans is primarily due to the simple terms of their granting and the possibility of incurring a financial obligation without collateral. When attempting to pay for a break, the credit history is of no importance, and in addition, we settle all formalities from before the computer. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of such solutions are still forgotten, and they include very high interest rates. In addition, untimely repayment of an online loan does not improve the borrower’s credit status. Therefore, if we are considering taking out a mortgage in the future, we may have a big problem with granting it.

Instantaneous online is a good solution for those who need instant financial support, which they can not receive from other sources. However, to avoid similar problems in the future, you should ensure that you increase your income or reduce your expenses. The simple way to do this is to create a list of receipts and costs. It is also helpful to put internal limits on the use of the credit card. In addition, a payday loan should be matched to the borrower’s financial capabilities. Only then will her repayment not bring us even more financial problems than before it was taken.

Another advice for people seeking an online loan is to treat them as an absolute last resort. Similar behavior will help strengthen determination to avoid them as long as possible. A wisely selected and timely repaid online loan can be the first step to recovery. However, before you make a decision about choosing a particular company, find out about important data about it. In this way you will avoid a lot of unpleasantness.

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What is the purpose of a work payday loan? Sat, 23 Mar 2019 02:16:21 +0000

The usefulness of a work payday loan is very simple: you can at any time make the improvements and amenities you dream of in your house, or your apartment, by borrowing the corresponding amount from a bank or financial institution. We will explain everything to you !

A payday loan works to renovate or develop your home

A payday loan works to renovate or develop your home

Embellish your home is part of the pleasures of any owner. Have a terrace built to make the garden more pleasant, enlarge the garage, repaint the facade. Each development made gives a unique touch to your property: yours. Doing work makes your property a little closer to your needs and desires.

Embellish your home however supposes to be able to finance the works. And the amounts can be high, especially in the context of heavy sites. But we do not always have the funds to buy and install the veranda of his dreams! This is where work payday loans come in, which will allow you to renovate or develop your home.

A payday loan works? How it works ?

The work payday loan is a financial service that allows an owner (or a tenant) to carry out work at home

The payday loan mechanism remains very traditional: a bank or a financial institution lends the amount of work and the borrower repays each month a portion of the amount paid, together with interest. The specificity of the work payday loan is that it is ideally sized, whether in terms of amount, rate or repayment duration, for this type of investment.
With us, the amount of a work payday loan ranges from € 5,000 to € 75,000! It allows you to get when you need the funds necessary to finance the renovation or improvement of your home. So that you can control the amount of your monthly payments, the duration of the payday loan can go from 12 to 120 months!

If you want to do small jobs, you may not know which type of payday loan to direct you to: personal payday loan or payday loan work? What are the differences ?

When buying a home, should you integrate the cost of the work in the mortgage , or contract separately a payday loan specifically for the work?

We help you answer all these questions and make the best choice for your project.

What can you buy with a payday loan work?

What can you buy with a payday loan work?

It’s very simple: with a work payday loan, you buy what you want! All possibilities are open. Here are some quick examples:

  • Interior: attic, double glazed windows, insulation;
  • Extension works: garage, floor, swimming pool, veranda;
  • Renovation of the house or room: roofing, upgrading to electrical standards, heating, renewable energy;
  • Decoration: painting, tapestry, etc.

It is you who know best what a payday loan works could serve. So, grab a magazine of decoration, interior or exterior design and start making your dreams come true!

Find out what you can finance with a payday loan works .

What to do with a payday loan? Mon, 18 Mar 2019 02:15:29 +0000


Realize all your projects with a payday loan! Finance your wedding, pay for a trip to the other side of the world, prepare a birth.

What to do with a payday loan? All. Finally, almost everything. No need to consider buying your own home and become owner but except for this case, you can finance a (very) large number of projects.

A payday loan to finance what is … 

A payday loan to finance what is ... 

The payday loan is aptly named: it is attached to the person and thus serves to finance personal projects.

Do you see your wedding in a big way ? You have travel desires around the world ? Do you plan to remake the baby’s room to come? With a payday loan you have a sum of money that you use freely, without having to justify your expenses.

Your only obligation is, of course, to repay the credit every month to the agency that has granted you.

Payday loan for equipment projects

Do the furniture in your old living room come out through your eyes? Your trusty car dropped you? Your computer is rowing more and more? Here too, the payday loan has its card to play.

After verifying that you have adequate repayment capabilities , the credit agency will decide to lend you a sum of money that will be paid directly into your bank account. It’s up to you to use it as you like and buy the equipment you want: furniture, tools, decoration, computers, Hi-Fi, appliances, etc. The list is long !

Payday loan for special projects

Some projects are more expensive and require heavier investments: buy a new car, re-insulate your main home, build a swimming pool …

In these cases, the amounts borrowed are higher and the repayment periods longer. payday loans remain a solution, but credit agencies will usually ask for proof of your expenses. This is the case of auto loans or work loans, for example.

The basic principle remains the same: the payday loan is a sum of money that allows you to finance your projects freely.

What are the conditions for accepting a payday loan? Sun, 10 Mar 2019 02:41:28 +0000

Would you like to know the conditions of acceptance to obtain a payday loan ? We answer all your questions.

Before granting you a payday loan, the credit institutions check that you fulfill their terms of acceptance. The most common acceptance condition is your repayment capabilities. To do this, you must demonstrate using various documents and supporting documents that you have the necessary repayment capabilities to pay your monthly payments serenely.

Available income

The first step is to calculate your disposable income: wages, retirement, rental income, dividends from your company, compensatory allowance, unemployment benefits, allowances, etc.

You can thus fulfill the conditions of acceptance, even if you are self-employed or looking for a job. Typically, the credit agency asks for more proof to verify that your repayment capabilities will be stable over the long term.

Your personal expenses

Your personal expenses

In a second step, your expenses are deducted from your disposable income in order to obtain your monthly repayment capacities. These capabilities must be sufficient to pay the monthly payments of your payday loan while allowing you to cope with the expenses and small unforeseen of everyday life.

As “expenses”, it is thus taken into account your rent or monthly payments of your mortgage, your energy costs, taxes, alimony, etc. To calculate them, your personal situation is also taken into account: family status, number of children, status of owner or tenant, etc.

Once the data is reconciled, the credit agencies will know your repayment capabilities accurately and will be able to assess whether or not your file matches their terms of acceptance.

Also find our other files on the conditions of acceptance of a payday loan:

  • Can I get a payday loan without proof?
  • What about payday loan buyback?
Payday loan from a reputable loan provider – apply now Sat, 23 Feb 2019 03:21:59 +0000


The free financial market offers every consumer the chance to apply for a cheap instant payday loan without entry and to convince yourself of the advantages. With low interest rates and fees, as well as flexible contractual terms, the payday loans are convincing. But even the fast payout and approval, as well as the failure of the credit check convince and let an instant payday loan without entry serious and without restrictions for the borrower online apply.

Recognize cheap offers from reputable lenders

Recognize cheap offers from reputable lenders

Whether an instant payday loan without entry is serious, the applicant recognizes in a comparison. This serves not only to take note of contractual conditions and interest, but also the option of choosing a trusted lender. The consumer can either compare and check himself online, or hire an independent financial intermediary to conduct his search. If the broker does not charge any fees in advance and offers his service professionally, the consumer can expect a favorable credit with benefits.

Also payday loans from private investors are an innovative and favorable decision. More and more private investors are offering payday loans in trustworthy portals, which the applicant can choose and use for payment of his bills, the purchase of a vehicle, but also for various other expenses without checking the creditworthiness. There are no limits in the amount of the sum, provided that the deposited securities convince the lender and present themselves in an unmistakable relevance to the requested sum.


Those who can not be held liable with material assets or savings can use a guarantee or a co-applicant on the free financial market. The accepted collateral is so versatile that every applicant receives the chance of a cheap instant payday loan without entry reputable and low cost, as well as more than fair interest.

Seriousness as a huge advantage

An instant payday loan without entry serious should help to pay off existing debts or to provide more liquidity. Therefore, it is of particular importance that one decides on a trusted lender and can sign the contract in good conscience. The comparison shows which offers really convince and are based 100% on the ideas of the borrower. The more flexible a payday loan presents, the more trustworthy and serious the offer is.

Since no applicant can know at the time of application what changes in his life and financial situation will occur within the term, the credit should be appropriately adaptable and adaptable to different situations. If a donor for a deferral, an extension of the term or earlier repayment as agreed does not require fees, one can expect not only from a favorable and advantageous, but also from a suitable and above all reputable payday loan offer.